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Cultural Transformation

Considering it has been demonstrated to affect outcomes as diverse as employee morale, performance, absenteeism, safety, recruiting, retention, quality of products or services.

Professional Development

To truly thrive and succeed it is even more critical that you become a master of the soft skills that will allow you to manifest your skills and knowledge over the broadest spectrum of people and circumstances, leading to the greatest return on the investment of your time in your career.

The WHY of Your Actions

What is it that causes you to move into action? What are the drivers of your behaviour? What activities, careers and conversations inspire a "passion" within you, causing you to want to become involved?

Want to Earn More Money, Prepare Yourself for Next Job or Promotion?

You may have been working for years, if the job could talk?

Let me answer that for you…

If the job could talk, it would become possible to accurately identify precisely what is necessary to achieve superior performance in that specific position . . . without the human biases which invariably exist.

Through the process of Benchmarking*, it is possible to implement a process that leads to understanding the knowledge, intrinsic motivators, personal attributes, behaviours and hard skills required of each key accountability for the job in question.

After the process, businesses can compare all current and new staff members to the result, “The Benchmark”, provide a development plan for each. Development plans that are job related are much better than those based on one person’s opinion.

That’s what we do.  We show you what you are missing and teach you how to add it into your job.

The International Soft Skils Institute Course is a unique and proven online soft skills development program for people who have are looking for job or next promotion.   Many people have benefited and now, you can, too.

Why the International Soft Skills Institute Course?

100% Mobile
All courses are available online and learn AnyTime, AnyWhere on AnyDevice with web browsing capability.

Flexible 15 - 40 minutes Lessons
Easier to fit into your normal working day break time.

to learn without putting too much pressure on you to learn everything in one day.

Social Media
Short interactive lessons allow you to share your learning with other learners easily.

Time Saving
Complete your training without large block of classroom, traveling time and tea/coffee, lunch breaks, or individual intro time.

Cost Savings
Complete your training without travel and lodging cost.

Just-in-Time Practical
Pick the just-in-time lessons that are relevant to your need.

Increase Retention
Short lessons would have the same or more effect than whole day course.

Think Outside the Classroom

Imagine being able to participate and learn while you ride the train to the office, review your lessons while waiting at your doctor’s office, write an assignment in the coffee shop between meetings, access on-demand tutorials while you enjoy your lunch at the food court or review your essay with your coach while you stand in line.

If you have access to WIFI, you literally have access to an entire world of training opportunities and support services through this revolutionary learning model.

Our Students Have Included Professionals From A Wide Variety Of Fields, Including…

  • Engineers
  • Educators
  • Medical Personnel
  • Businesspeople
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Scientists
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Clergy
  • Hotel Staff
  • IT Professionals
  • University Students
  • and many, many more

What Our Students Are Saying…

"Each class really helped me. The teacher is just great. The explanations are very simple and understandable. The pronunciation of each sound is so easy to understand and you begin to use it. And because of that, my pronunciation got much, much better. Many people (my friends and family) noticed that I was taking this class and a lot of people noticed that my English became much better. Definitely I would advise people who want to improve their English to take this class."

Irina Katz, Business Owner
"Today I had a long meeting with my British colleagues and I tried to control my R only. After the meeting they asked me what happened with my English over night. They mentioned that the rolled R turned into a better English R. Evidently they don’t know my secret. To be honest, I was impressed by their positive remarks. So Sheri, thank you!"

C. Lupu
"Even though I have master’s degrees in teaching English and Japanese, I have learned a lot of new things in each lesson of this course. Sheri is an excellent teacher and “accent” expert! Not many ESL teachers or speech pathologists can help you like she does. She has helped me improve my accent and gain self-confidence. I highly recommend her online course if you want to improve your accent."

Junko Ito, Japanese Language Professor
"The thing I really love about this program is that we learn English the way it is- as something real. It's something that I now hear people doing. I have started hearing people and I don’t need to focus the way I was doing before. I am learning some little details that are making a huge difference when it comes to talking to, listening to, and understanding people.

I tried a lot of methodologies before this program and at a certain point, I thought I would not find anything new about English. But now I realize that people don’t talk about these kinds of things in schools. Teachers don’t even know about these little details. Now I’m learning some little details that are going to make a huge difference in my English. I see something very different from the way I was learning and speaking before I joined this course."

Jose Oliveira, Project Manager

"Sheri is like a skillful doctor who accurately evaluates your accent health and fixes your problems with a complete set of efficient methods, drills, and practices. Awareness and confidence about the way I sound in American English are those two greatest assets that I acquired as a result of her classes and for those I’ll be forever grateful to her."

Tatyana A., Russian-English Translator

"I went to college and took all the levels of ESL in order to take credit courses. But one thing did not change- my strong Spanish accent. When you feel like people have to take time to understand you, it can make you feel embarrassed and insecure in your career, relationships, and friendships.

Since I joined the American Accent Course it is amazing how much difference it has made. I feel more confident about myself and feel comfortable talking to my clients at work. I keep telling Sheri how well she teaches and the class is a lot of fun because we can interact with her and the other students.

We have Help Sessions every week and I make it a priority not to miss any of them. Now learning to change my bad habits from the way I spoke English for so many years is gradually changing. I can ask the teachers questions anytime and I get the feedback from them. It is an easy and convenient way to improve my pronunciation and that can change my life."

Rita Nardini, Massage Therapist

"I just delivered a very important speech yesterday and it went very well. I got a lot of compliments on my accent and fluency! I mean it, the American Accent Course was a real ear-opener for me! Excellent job, Sheri!"

Sarah Dumont, Doctor

"Your course is helping me in each and every aspect of my job. Thanks!"

S. Sooriya Kumar

"If you are like me and are one of those people who is extremely concerned about the way you speak English, I would highly recommend the American Accent Course to you. Sheri is such a lovely trainer with a wealth of knowledge to help you.

One of the things that I love the most about this course is that Sheri explains things in such an easy way, like how to produce the vowel sounds by positioning your tongue in the correct place. You will also learn one of the most amazing sound in English which is the famous SCHWA. Besides, you will learn all the contractions in sentences such as Whatcher name? and Diju go out last night? and how to shorten sounds in structure words and so on. There are a lot of great tips and techniques that you will be learning as you go along. All of your pronunciation concerns are going to be erased with Sheri."

All the best and good luck."

Diego Mendonça, Engineering Student

"I am a senior accountant with MBA degree. I must say your audio course, per se, is O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G! I have learned so much from you already in regard to English rules / knowledge, which I was not aware of. You really know how to open our eyes on a level where everyone can understand. I have tried so many other products and tutors, and I must say I really have to hand it to you. You are like a next Einstein! To me, how your job has extraordinary impact on so many people’s lives is highly highly respectful, and I sincerely thank you again for your passion and hard- work for developing the products / program"

Jason L

"The American Accent Course has been a real eye-opener for me. During the course I have learned techniques to apply which have been essential to my progress in speaking clearer English. One of the major benefits of the course is the concentration on American English intonation. I also like that the course is well structured, which I found very helpful.

One of the best things about the course is the teacher, Sheri Summers. She is a highly -qualified professional, very knowledgeable, has many years of experience, extremely dedicated, patient, and fun to work with. Her ability to detect my pronunciation errors, show to me what I am doing wrong and concentrate on the technique to make it right always amazes me! It has helped me to understand my errors and apply the correct pronunciation and intonation.

Overall, this course has helped me a lot as it has improved my intonation, pronunciation and accent. It has been the best investment I have made to increase my confidence. I would definitely recommend the American Accent Course to others who are interested in improving their accent, pronunciation and intonation skills."

Lana Lifshitz

"The classes have been EXCELLENT! Honestly, I haven’t found anything like this before, and I’ve been looking for a long time."

Kira Generoso, Nurse

"My name is Jennifer Hsieh and I am a scientist. I am originally from Taiwan. I have been living in the United States for more than 10 years, but I still had trouble letting my American friends and colleagues understand me totally. Since I took Sheri’s workshop, she corrected my accent and I have been able to communicate better now. She is an excellent teacher, and her lectures are fun, vivid and creative. I learned so much about correct pronunciation, intonation and linking sounds of American English. It is definitely a useful and worthy experience for the person like me who has struggled so long to speak correct American English."

Jennifer Hsieh, Ph.D., Staff Toxicologist, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

"I’d like to really thank Sheri Summers for her course. It’s been of tremendous help to me. I run a video blog about digital photography, It’s in English, even though I am a French national. I soon realized that I needed to improve on my accent so that the videos I make be more pleasing to the ear of native English visitors to the site. After quite a bit of research online I settled on Sheri Summers’ American Accent Audio Course, and I’ve been delighted. Sheri’s course is comprehensive and very well structured. It quickly helps you spot the things that you need to change in the way you speak, to get your messages across more clearly and to communicate effectively in English. Sheri’s tone and voice are very pleasing to listen to and I love review one or two of her audio chapters when I jog every morning. Her course has been of tremendous help in my business and I thoroughly thank her for that."

Guy Yang, Business Owner

"Thank you so much for your excellent teaching. I think it is the best accent course ever (I have already tried and I like the fact that your focus is the accent part.

Keep up the good work!"

Sitthipol Rujirawat

"I'm an international student in a TESOL graduate program. I’ve been listening to the American Accent Course and found it’s something nobody has ever taught me before. I majored in English linguistics as an undergraduate, but the phonetic theories never helped me improve my pronunciation. The American Accent Audio Course is more than just pronunciation. It shows you how the words link and flow together. I think it’s more important than knowing how to pronounce each sound. This course makes sense to me. It has a very innovative approach to English pronunciation, and that is great. It's helping me to have more confidence in speaking, and it’s also helping me speak more clearly and naturally."

Youngmi Choe, Masters Degree Candidate

"My name is Franck Janet and I’m originally from France. I had many English teachers in my life, and most of them were very good in what they were doing. But if you want to make it in America, Sheri is outstanding because she focuses on helping people to learn American accent. And this type of expertise, at this high level is very rare. I had been looking for this many years until I found Sheri."

Franck Janet, Business Consultant

"I've just listened to lesson 4 on the American-style T and it is awesome! This course is just getting better and better."

Pablo Vargas

"The most useful (thing) was to know and be aware of what I am doing wrong. That’s the first step to overcoming it."

Francisco Dos Santos, Brazilian Police Force

"I could realize a lot of mistakes I make and" we could work on our specific mistakes."

Andreza Prado, English Pre-School Teacher

"The lessons were extremely helpful. I liked the lessons very much, especially the pronunciation of vowels, R, L, linking words, and intonation."

Yun-Jeong Hong, Calgene-Monsanto

"I have improved a lot with Sheri. I think she understands students very well, and honestly, she has the best way to explain things in English. I strongly believe that she is one of the best teachers I have ever had."

Yaser Alharbi, University Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to take this class?

The American Accent Course is completely online so you can take it from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to travel anywhere, you don’t have to take time away from work or school. You can even come to the class in your pajamas if you like.

Is my English good enough to take this course?

The entire course is taught in English, so you will need at least a high intermediate level of English to take the program. If you use English for everyday life, you should be just fine.

How long does it take to finish this class?

The American Accent Course has 24 lessons. Each lesson takes around one and a half to two hours to complete. Ideally you would complete one lesson each week so you have time to practice and incorporate what you have learned into your speech. Some people like to work a lot faster. For this, we recommend purchasing the entire course at once. Others need or want to take their time with everything. That is fine, too. Everyone learns and works at a different speed.

Is the course for certain groups, or people who speak certain languages?

The American Accent Course was designed for people who learned English as teenagers or adults. It doesn’t matter what your native language is. Many people who take it are professionals in all kinds of careers- or university students.

What happens if I decide to take some time off or go on vacation?

No need to worry about that. Everything can be done at your own pace. If you need to take more time to go over everything, you can. In fact, the American Accent Course will be yours to keep, so even if you want to come back for a review in 5 years, you can do it!

What You’ll Be Receiving in the American Accent Course:

(You’ll be Shocked at the Depth of this Program)

Over 50 Hours of Training!
New Training Materials Every Week for 24 Weeks
Training on Intonation, Rhythm and Timing
Pronunciation of American English Vowels
Learn What a Schwa is and Why It is So Important
for Learning the American Accent
Pronunciation of American English Consonants
How to Blend Consonants Together
How to Properly Link Words Together
Training on Word and Sentence Stress Patterns
Downloadable Audios to Listen ‘On the Go'
Downloadable Workbook
Downloadable Awareness Journal
Exercises and Quizzes
Access to Small Group and Private Classes*
LIFETIME ACCESS to All Materials

Unannounced Bonus

LIVE Online Classes Each Week

Attend our live American Accent Workout Classes each week to practice everything you have learned in the course.

Receive and download the audio and video recordings after each class.

What Other People are Paying: $35 per month

Cost for YOU as a Student of the American Accent Course: FREE!

Sign Up Now and Join the Elite Group of People Who Are Making a Difference in their Own Lives

Choose the Plan That Works Best For You

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