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Cultural Transformation

Considering it has been demonstrated to affect outcomes as diverse as employee morale, performance, absenteeism, safety, recruiting, retention, quality of products or services.

Professional Development

To truly thrive and succeed it is even more critical that you become a master of the soft skills that will allow you to manifest your skills and knowledge over the broadest spectrum of people and circumstances, leading to the greatest return on the investment of your time in your career.

The WHY of Your Actions

What is it that causes you to move into action? What are the drivers of your behaviour? What activities, careers and conversations inspire a "passion" within you, causing you to want to become involved?

Leadership Training

The culture of an organization is a direct reflection of the personal consciousness of its leaders. Therefore, cultural transformation cannot occur without a change in the beliefs and behaviours of the top team.

Cultural alignment can occur at any level of consciousness, but only full-spectrum consciousness creates sustainable high performance and long-term resilience. Achieving full spectrum organizational consciousness requires full-spectrum leaders.

The CEO or the leader of the organization must be willing to commit to his or her own personal transformation in order to change the culture.

International Softskills's executive leadership development and training resources (distance online or classroom or LIVEeCLASS or e-learning) are designed to support individual skill development as well as provide a resource for leaders to use to coach and development their team members at all levels of the organization. Leadership team participation provides excellent opportunities for sharing best practices and building a learning community.

“Inventory can be managed; people must be led – by example!” - Ross Perot

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